Small studio, big advantages.

All students, beginner and advanced, benefit from the expert attention and flexible scheduling of private instruction.


75 or 120 minute sessions

Bring up to 4 people. $80/$110 flat fee. Whether solo or with your group,  choose from a variety of formats like general yoga training, therapeutics, or mindfulness, all tailored to your development; you’ll get step-by-step guidance and see marked improvements in just a few sessions. Looking to join a group? Call or email to inquire about others looking for a match!

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posture clinics

Join us once a month for an informative, 2-hour session to look in detail at the mechanics of yoga. Take advantage of this opportunity to watch someone else (for a change!), learn about anatomy, take notes, and share your own observations and challenges with a group of like-minded students. Think of it as a life drawing class, but for yoga. Each session consists of a group warm up, and then a series of progressive demonstrations and adjustments that will bring a new understanding to parts of your practice, be it arm balances, inversions, backbends, or twists.

These are special events, and are not to be missed. Only 10 spots per session, so book early! $30 per person.

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5-session takeaway

Bring up to 4 people. $360 flat fee. If you're new to yoga and eager to get started with your own practice, commit to this next step in your fitness journey. These 75-minute sessions are designed to take you from square one to a personal yoga practice in a fun and sustainable way. We'll start with the basics of breathing, movement and balance, and move into building strength and flexibility. You'll gain an understanding of the physical and mental benefits of a simple series of yoga poses and 'graduate' with a yoga sequence that's tailored to you; it will be something you can work on every day with confidence and a sense of progress.

Upon purchase, you can schedule and reschedule your sessions as needed within a two-month period. (Some math: for 4 people that's $18 per session!)


special offsite events 

Schedule a larger group session or a full-on retreat outside of the Clinic Yoga studio. Call 310.991.4286 or email to discuss your needs, logistics, and pricing.


gift cards 

Share the yoga! Click here to send a gift card to someone (or to yourself!) 75 minute/$80 denominations; up to 4 people can attend. Call 310.991.4286 or email with special requests.