Clinic Yoga is a learning-based yoga practice that equips you to sustain lifelong physical and mental fitness.

This is a workout for your body and mind, tailored to your unique needs. Fundamental techniques for strength, balance, flexibility, and breathing are part of every session, beginner or advanced, with breaks for no-nonsense insights on the benefits of yoga and how to progress. Clinic Yoga helps you learn to identify and overcome your limitations in a safe, sustainable, and fun way. 

Stefane Barbeau, YA RYT, Vanakkam 200hr, Svastha 200hr, Yin 30hr

A proud North American, I grew up in Canada and I've lived in Boston, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles before settling in Palm Springs.

I'm a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, and I've had extensive posture, sequence and philosophy training with Vanakkam Yoga School in Hong Kong (Master Sudhakar Dheenan), where I created a new Yoga Alliance-certified curriculum. I've trained in yoga therapeutics and anatomy with the Svastha Yoga Institute in Berkeley, Taos and Hong Kong (Dr. Ganesh Mohan).

My training style is firm yet playful; I sincerely love to guide a person to their best physical and mental self. Every day I see the value of creativity, process, and patience on and off the mat.


Simple surroundings for an uncluttered mind.

My recently-built studio at the base of Mt. Jacinto in Palm Springs beautifully embraces the simplicity of the surrounding desert and architecture. 

The uncluttered studio is designed for distraction-free, 1 to 4 person sessions, indoors or out. Mats, towels, water and parking are all provided. Larger groups and special events can be scheduled off-site.



I am resuming my yoga practice after a many year lapse. In the couple of months that I have been working with Stef he has helped me tremendously to reconnect to my body's mechanics which has brought immediate improvement to my other physical activities as well as improved my discipline in quieting my mind and relaxing my body. 

Vaughan S., 32

Casey C, 39

I had my first class with Stefane in late 2011. As a not-so-flexible male, I was a bit nervous going into my first class. However, Stefane quickly put me totally at ease and I enjoyed it from the first moments on! Stefane’s classes are loose, laughter-filled, and have a good-vibe overall. With his excellent teaching I soon had the confidence to do poses on my own and practice at home. I also love the fact that Stefane is patient and helps me through each new pose step by step.

Stefane's teaching style is relaxed and fun but focused. As a longterm practitioner, it is easy to get stuck in your own way of practising but in Stefane's classes, he leads you into postures in unexpected ways and suddenly you find yourself doing things you didn't think you could (and you might not have agreed had you known where it was going!).

Melanie C., 43

Doug H., 37

After a serious shoulder injury I went to Stefane for extensive one on one physical therapy that not only helped me regain my shoulder mobility but also increased my overall flexibility. Since then I have continued to work with Stefane to counter-balance my cross-fit training.

Just a quick note to let you guys know how much I enjoyed the class with Stefane last night. From the vigorous warm up to the impressive number of poses he managed to squeeze in considering the long hold times to his cool, straight forward vibe, it was dare I say, my favorite class ever!

Becky H., 29

Corbin S., 73

I’m new to yoga and Stef was calmly and effectively generous in his direction, encouragement, and corrections.  He pushed me appropriately when I needed it and attended to every detail in really helpful and positive ways.  I learned a lot, and made progress that I can see.

Stefane is wonderful! His teaching offers a nice balance of getting you out of your comfort zone while respecting limitations.  He encourages his students, in a direct and calm voice, to embrace the process rather than the end result of any one position.


Paul D., 37

Martin Y., 56

Stefane’s class makes me feel like I’ve been stretched on a rack in a medieval torture chamber. But in a good way.

I first booked sessions with Stefane to help with debilitating sciatica; I was taking days off work and the only relief was pain killers. After four intense sessions, the pain went away. I’ve been doing yoga with him twice a week now for 7 months, and I’ve learned so much about breathing, control, and self-awareness. I didn’t know I had it in me. Everyone needs this level of coaching.

Marc L. 48

Michele Y., 50

Stefane’s sessions stretch, challenge and strengthen both my body and mind.  He guides me through postures that are mindful, supported and held for a really long time. It's a great way to start the day and provides a path to regain youthful flexibility.

I love Stefane as a teacher.  He focuses on body alignment and he builds the poses constantly working on correct form. Amazing! 

Jean L., 45

Ryan O., 50

I went to several yoga classes with Stefane when I was on vacation in Palm Springs in 2016.  What amazed me was how personally tailored the class felt.  Stefane's advice and guidance helped me get the most out of the class - my first one in a couple of years.  After the session others said they had the same feeling even though we were all at different levels.

I did a 1:1 yoga therapy session later in the week to focus on my shoulders which had been problematic over the last few years and I came away with a few simple poses and exercises that I am continuing to this day.  It was a good step in my personal health and I am looking forward to more when I am next in town.  Thank-you Stefane!