75-minute sessions

Strength, Balance + Flexibility Training. Each session is tailored to your development, beginner or advanced. You’ll get step-by-step guidance in a full sequence of postures covering strength, balance, flexibility and breathing, with ongoing tips on the benefits and how to deepen your practice. 

Recovery + Physical Therapeutics. Nagging injuries to the joints and muscles affect all ages and activity levels. We'll identify the source (shoulder, neck, wrist, knee, foot, hip, spine), then use yoga to isolate, strengthen and mobilize the affected area to get you back in business. 

Mindful Movement + Meditation. Working from the inside out, these sessions focus the mind by pairing breathing with gentle, precise movement. Serving as an entry point to meditation, this practice brings calmness and resilience. Deep mindfulness will enhance your performance at the office or on the playing field.  

120-minute sessions

Inversions. Take a deep dive into classical inversion postures like handstands, headstands, and arm balances. Build your physical and mental confidence by means of sub- and preparatory postures designed to condition the necessary muscles. Learn to steady and relax your mind for being upside down, and find the joy in the incremental changes that lead you from beginner inversions to balancing in more advanced ones.

Backbends. Follow a safe, progressive exploration of different forms of backbends. Learn about the anatomical aspects of backbends and how to condition the muscles in preparatory postures in order to achieve the most benefit. Learn how a combination of muscle engagement and flexibility ensures safe, sustainable backbends.

Arm Balances. Learn to float! Arm balances are an excellent way to deepen your awareness of your muscles and the geometry of your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes! You'll be guided through a sequence of sub-postures that lead to a series of very rewarding additions to your roster of poses. Learn safe shoulder conditioning and protection.

Twists + Binds. Increase the flexibility of your spinal and shoulder muscles and develop a deeper awareness of the impact of breathing on your practice. Tiny improvements in your spinal control can sustainably resolve many imbalances and aches caused by the realities of daily life. Learn a series of classical twist and bind techniques and see how they can also be applies to other postures like arm balances and backbends.