Be Your Own Portable Wellness Machine

Hi everyone

I just got back from two weeks of travel. I had a cold the WHOLE time (bleh), but I was clear-headed enough to make two observations:

1. A break from anything is helpful. Sometimes distance give us an objective assurance that we're on the right track. Magically, some time spent not doing whatever we're fixated on makes us better at it. The students that I've seen since I'm back did not lose a thing in their practice. Everyone is fine. Go figure.

2. A yoga practice does not have to be a big freakin' production. Let's remember that we only need a 2 by 6 foot piece of floor. We can be naked. We can be in a tux. We don't need a mat. Most mornings while traveling, amid the clutter in very small hotel rooms, I did a yoga practice. And it lasted about four minutes. That's all I needed to slip into my body, and to remind myself that I am my own portable wellness machine.

Given the reality that you don't see me every day, I challenge you, for the next week, to do four minutes of yoga each morning when you get out of bed. Be your own wellness machine. Just stand up, do a lunge, and switch sides. Move your arms around. Bend forward. Breathe slowly. (You know what to do.)

But of course, don't forget about me and your yoga mates! See you on the mat!


Here's a group showing me how my airplane would work. I was like, "I know, I know." But they insisted.