We're Halfway Through the Year; Give Yourself a Tiny Push!

It's June in Palm Springs, and the heat is melting my motivation. My solution: do one, tiny thing. It creates a sense of accomplishment that will invariable lead to doing more. One tiny stretch. One tiny bend. To get a ball rolling, it just needs a tiny push, and focusing on the tiny things is what Clinic Yoga is all about.

Here's a new way I can help: The 5-Session Yoga Takeaway. If you're new to yoga and eager to get started with your own practice, commit to this next step in your fitness journey. These 75-minute sessions are designed to take you from square one to a personal yoga practice in a fun and sustainable way. We'll start with the basics of breathing, movement and balance, and move into building strength and flexibility. You'll gain an understanding of the physical and mental benefits of a simple series of yoga poses and 'graduate' with a yoga sequence that's tailored to you; it will be something you can work on every day with confidence and a sense of progress.

Want something even tiny-er? Well, okay: use coupon LOCALYOGA15 when you book your first session for a 15% discount.

If you've been eyeing Clinic Yoga for a while, and maybe even came for a session already, now's the time to commit. Don't forget, you get to have a tiny nap at the end of each session too. Yoga's got you covered.