You are a tree in gale-force winds!

Hi everyone

The past few sessions at Clinic Yoga have left students SPENT. Each time, I blend some familiar postures (yeah! I know this one!) with some new ones (you want me to do what?!?) Usually, people have a light-hearted glow. Lately, they're ashen. Something's in the air...they think it might be a temperature or diet change, it might be their phone's newsfeed, or it might be spring fever.

Consider this: yoga allows you to tune in to your body more than you ever have. In doing so, you're confronting your limits and realizing that you can push them a little more than you're used to. You are changing, not your surroundings. That is not just physically tiring, it's mentally exhausting and sometimes frustrating. But the payoff is sweet: resilience! You are a tree that is ever stronger and more flexible in gale-force winds!  And it's all because of your dedication to practice. Now just think about how you can apply that practice and resilience to other aspects of your life...

Okay - that's your pep talk for the month. Back to the mat.